(1) What are the primary enhancements of Release 4.0?

(2) What is the definition of a simulated subject that Homequant is based on?

(3) How does your system validate the address of the subject property I enter?

(4) How do I know the address of the subject property has been matched to Google Earth?

(5) Can I select the comps from specific location and distance?

(6) Can I choose the comps within a specific size range of the subject?

(7) Can I make dollar adjustments to equalize the physical differences in the comps relative to the subject?

(8) Can I make time adjustments to the varying sale dates of the comps to neutralize the market impact of time?

(9) Can I value the subject for a specific valuation date rather than the current date?

(10) How many comps do I need in order to value a subject in your system?

(11) Can I rank the final five comps by various competing methods?

(12) If I choose to adjust the comps, can I see the dollar adjustment separately?

(13) Can I view the subject and the final five comps on the Google Map?

(14) Is there a place on your site where I can get more detailed market analysis of a specific County or a City?

(15) Is there an online demo on the navigation of your site?

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